Setting up iGoogle

If you're reading this, then the chances are you've heard of Google. Google has come up with a new way for people to customise their web experiences. iGoogle is one of Google's latest web tools; it is basically a customisable home-page that displays informatation through the use of things called 'gadgets'.

If you have already got an account with Google then you can start using iGoogle straight away, add the Cheap Holiday Bargains Holiday Search to your iGoogle page and search for up to the minute holiday deals directly from your iGoogle page. If you haven't got an account with Google you can sign-up here.

Why add our Holiday Search to iGoogle?

Convenience and speed is what we were thinking of when we created the Holiday Search Google Gadget. We wanted all our customers to be able to find their next holiday as quickly and as easily as possible.

Although we'd love you to come and visit our website, we thought we could offer you a more unique way to search for your holiday. If you find that you don't have the time to go trawling the internet for Cheap Holiday Bargains, you can use our Holiday Search Google Gadget at your own convenience and get our best bargain holiday and late deal results delivered in seconds.


Help us to help you

If you like our Holiday Search Google Gadget or if you think we could improve it in any way, please leave a comment.