Cheap Holidays to Egypt / Red Sea Riviera

Holidays to Egypt and the Red Sea Riviera are the ideal place to come for clear blue waters, stunning coral reefs, exotic souks and year round sunshine. Holidays to the Red Sea Riviera offer a true Arabian adventure. Visitors who opt to go on their holidays to Egypt are often charmed by the astounding diversity of coral life, as well as the impressive and incredible ancient history of the area. Surprisingly, holidays to the Red Sea Riviera are increasingly accessible holiday destinations. Not only are they a short flight away, yet they also have far more to offer than the average resort. For a place where the lands of the pharaohs lie side by side with some breathtaking beaches, holidays to Egypt are the perfect choice.

The most popular Egypt and Red Sea Riviera holiday destinations are Sharm el Sheikh, Taba Heights, Nuweiba, Dahab, El Gouna, Hurghada, Luxor and Cairo. To find a holiday to Egypt and the Red Sea check out the Bargain Holiday Deals on the right or alternatively use the holiday search on the left for summer package holidays to Egypt and the Red Sea.

Cheap Holiday Bargains to Egypt, Red Sea

Cheap Holidays to Sharm el Sheikh

Holidays to Sharm el Sheikh are the most popular of all the Red Sea resorts. Holidays to Sharm el Sheikh offer a range of hotels to suit every taste and budget, as well as an exciting array of activities both in the water and on land. Sharm el Sheikh is situated to the South of the Sinai peninsula and is the largest resort in the Red Sea

Holidays to Sharm el Sheikh offer some of the region's liveliest nightlife. Holidays to Naama Bay are particular popular, as this is Sharm el Sheikh's main resort and has an abundance of hotels, bars, shops and diving sites overlooking gentle, sandy beaches. If you want to be in the middle of the action, Naama Bay is a wise choice. To the north of Naama Bay are the pretty resorts of Sharks Bay and Nabq Bay. Increasingly those on their holidays to Sharm el Sheikh opt for these resorts, largely thanks to the excellent coral reefs and convenient location.

Cheap Holidays to Taba Heights

Holidays to Taba Heights have exploded in popularity over the past few years. Those on their holidays to Taba Heights will note that it is one of the most attractive and picturesque regions on the Red Sea. Holidays to Taba Heights tend to be low-key and relaxing, with the relatively few facilities making for a peaceful ambience. Taba Heights is a fantastic base for exploring the entire region, with a wide variety of sights within easy reach. Holidays to Taba Heights enjoy spectacular views of the Sinai mountains, multicoloured reefs and sweeping deserts – making it one of the most exciting resorts on the Red Sea. Holidays to Taba Heights are perfect for those who enjoy everything from snorkelling, quad biking and golfing in a peaceful location.

Cheap Holidays to Nuweiba

Roughly an hour's drive from Taba Heights is Nuweiba. Holidays to Nuweiba are ideal for those looking for a small, relaxing resort with a laid back atmosphere. Holidays to Nuweiba tend to be less touristy and developed, with the surrounding area bursting with natural beauty. Therefore, holidays to Nuweiba are a good choice for holidaymakers who are seeking a unique holiday off the beaten track. The reefs surrounding Nuweiba are ideal for snorkelling, with some top class dive sites both to the north and south of the resort. Holidays to Nuweiba also allow you to encounter the friendly local Bedouin, who have been inhabiting the area for several years, with many still living there today.

Cheap Holidays to Dahab

Holidays to Dahab offer a laid-back atmosphere amongst swathes of shimmering golden beaches. Holidays to Dahab grant you a more peaceful antidote to the hustle and bustle of Sharm el Sheikh. As a result, it is a good choice for those who are looking to escape the tourist crowds of other more famous resorts. Holidays to Dahab provide you with spectacular beaches, excellent watersports and a sweeping mile long promenade of shops and cafes overlooking the Red Sea.

Cheap Holidays to El Gouna

Holidays to El Gouna offer plenty to keep visitors occupied, with everything from shops and restaurants through to an 18 hole PGA Championship golf course. Facilities for those on their holidays to El Gouna also include a marina, shops, go-karting, as well as a large selection of watersports. Holidays to El Gouna are a fantastic choice for those seeking a delightful combination of desert, mountain and sea. El Gouna is a stunning resort and is built upon a series of lagoons and islands – leading to its nickname, 'Venice of the Red Sea'.

Cheap Holidays to Hurghada

Holidays to Hurghada have grown in recent years to make it one of the most popular destinations on the Red Sea. Hurghada is a large, sprawling resort which manages to offer something for everyone – be it peace or excitement. Holidays to Hurghada are characterised by golden sands and perfect conditions for a variety of watersports – calm with a sea breeze. As a result of its wide selection of hotels, shops, restaurants and dive sites, holidays to Hurghada are fashionable amongst both traditional holidaymakers and diving enthusiasts. Those on their holidays to Hurghada enjoy relatively easy access to Luxor, making it a popular multi-centre holiday destination.

Cheap Holidays to Cairo

Holidays to Cairo allow you to experience the unique ancient legacy of Egypt in a modern and lively setting. Holidays to Cairo offer a whole wealth of historical sites, from the jaw-dropping Pyramids through to the myriad of temples, tombs and mosques. Those on their holidays to Cairo may also be surprised by the quality of the hotels – with some of the world's finest establishments to be found within the city. Cairo is a colourful, rich and awe-inspiring city which is quite unlike any other place on earth.

Cheap Holidays to Luxor

Holidays to Luxor are a perfect opportunity to explore the incredible sights of ancient Egypt, whilst at the same time taking in the majestic River Nile. Holidays to Luxor are steeped in history, with the breathtaking Temple of Karnak home to an array of impressive monuments. Head to the west bank of the Nile, and holidaymakers can take in the Valley of the Kings, which is filled with the tombs of many Pharaohs including Tutankhamen. Holidays to Luxor are ideal for holidaymakers with an interest in Egypt's rich history, yet who still want to experience a selection of fine restaurants and hotels.